WaytoA is a unique Math video blog for students by a student. This initiative was born due to the burning desire of one young person with a long drawn obsession to elevate the confidence of students who struggle in Math by teaching them Math from their perspective, seeing their issues as a fellow student and helping them as a friend more than as a teacher. In a conventional teacher – student relationship, the teacher comes across to the student from a position of knowledge, authority and power. We wanted to break away from that approach and create a friend-teaching-friend type of an experience. A student understands another student’s point of view and and can relate to their issues better than any one else. This has guided our thinking to help create and deliver unique content in a way that is quite different from other Math teaching sites. Hopefully the experience you get from this site is refreshingly different and significantly beneficial.

The person reaching out to teach you is someone who has consistently topped in Math all through School and College, topped Math Olympiads and obtained the perfect SAT score. More than the credentials, you will find unparallelled passion, energy and enthusiasm through all these teaching videos, that are sure to encourage you and lift your spirits up.

Currently the teaching videos are targeted at ‘A’ level students in Singapore and other parts of the world where students sit for the Cambridge ‘A’ level exams. In due course more teaching videos are planned to be released for a much wider audience.